Re: Help needed to interpret details in Offenbach Jüdische Einwohnermeldekartei #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

Hi Sohail,

For most of the various recorded comings and goings two
dates are shown, one above the other. In all but one
instance, the first date is a few days after the second. So
why are there two dates?
It may be the date of departure and the date of registration.

In November 1912 he appears to have gone to Landau for 10
months. But Landau at that time was in Bavaria, whose armed
forced were quite separate from the Prussian Army.
They all were part of the army of the German Empire!

So why would he have gone there?
Since September 1911 he was no longer in the army, but lived
with his parents at Offenbacher Strasse 14 until November
1912. Perhaps he went to Landau - as he later to Wiesbaden -
to further his education in his profession?

I cannot read the characters after ‘Landau’ or after
‘Wiesbaden’. Any suggestions?
In the column in question is written with whom Friedrich
Julius Grünebaum lived. The abbreviation may be "o/P" - the
o superscripted, like Bürgel a/M = am Main = and thus
possibly mean "ohne Personenangabe" (without personal
information) - it's unknown who was the landlord in
Wiesbaden and Landau.

The final ‘linked’ dates on the card are 21 November 1916
(midway through WW1) and 1 August 1914 (the day the Kaiser
ordered full mobilisation). So these are almost two years
apart and appear to be linked with a return from Wiesbaden.
Perhaps he was wounded in 1916 and returned home, but that
doesn’t explain the 1914 entry. Any ideas about this?
He was heavy wounded - see:
<> or download
<> at one of the
battles at Etrepy and Ville-sur-Tourbe (6.-14.),
Bermericourt (16.-18.), Margny (26.29.), Ognolles and
Champieun (29.09 and 01.10) or Roye and St. Mard (01.-06.,
10., 14.10.1914)

At this time he belong to the "Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 80,
Wiesbaden, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, I. Bataillon, 2. Kompagnie.

Ernst-Peter (Winter)

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