Re: Help needed to interpret details in Offenbach Jüdische Einwohnermeldekartei #germany


Additional to my earlier message of today:
Though I see quite a lot of information form other list members the following might be of interest as well:

Actions of  the regiment during the period mentioned,
Battle of Neufchâteau, battles at Moissin and Anloy, battles on the Meuse and Marne, battles at Sermaize, Maurupt-et-le-Montoy, near Reims, near Roye, Gruny Fresnoy, Goyenmurt, Gorullers.
Fighting in Neuve-Chapelle, Roue, Beuvraignes.
Battle of Verdun - Fighting in the forest of Caures, at Beaumont, on the Pepper Ridge, in the forest of Chauffour, the forest of Caillette, the forest of Albain and at Fort Douaumont .
Fight on the Aisne,
Battle of the Somme,
Battle between Meuse and Moselle.
Ron Peeters(NL)

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