Re: Help needed to interpret details in Offenbach Jüdische Einwohnermeldekartei #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

Hi Sohail,

Landau (Hessen) rather than Landau (Bayern) also seems very
Sorry, but I do not confirm with this.

At 1912/1913 Landau (Bad Arolsen was not a part of Hessen,
but part of Waldeck-Pyrmont. Also Wiesbaden was part of
Nassau, not of Hessen. Landau (Pfalz) was well known at
Offenbach, whereas Landau (Bad Arolsen) would have an
addition to its name.

To get sure, you may ask the city government about the

Ernst-Peter (Winter)

However, I cannot find any record of a barracks
(Kaserne) there at the beginning of the 20th Century. So
perhaps he went there for a different reason, as suggested
by Ernst-Peter. He was a butcher (Metzger) so not sure that
he would have gone there for education/ professional
development, but maybe for work?

With regard to the '1.8.1914' entry on the card, the dark
line does seem significant and it is also a significant
date. I wonder if it indicates that his father lived at that
address on his own after mobilisation. But curiously that
date is 'out of sequence' and is written in the upper part
of the space available, as if it was anticipated that
another date would be written below.

Thank you again for your thoughts
Sohail Husain

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