Re: Szatmar, Hungary #hungary

Avi Markovitz

I'm familiar with George Elefant's website and database, I actually contacted him to ask him about the sources prior to my visit to Szatmar in 2020. He actually did a great job putting all that data together.
The only problem with the database is that it was not updated with new records since 2010.
So if you were lucky enough to find some of your ancestor's records that's great, but it will not ever update with new records.
My regards
Avi Markovits
Interested in: Markovits, Garay, Ehrenreich, Lubeck, Weisz, Herskovits
Hadad (hodod), Bajmok, Sopron, Alsoberekszo, Szatmat, Nagyvarad, Nagyszentmiklós (Sânnicolau Mare)

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