Re: Help needed to interpret details in Offenbach Jüdische Einwohnermeldekartei #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

Hi Sohail.husain

Your suggestion that he went to WIesbaden and Landau for
education is certainly a possibility. But he was a butcher
(as was his father and grandfather) and the family was poor.
So education seems less likely. I wonder if he might have
gone to one or both those places for work.
My thought was that he lived with relatives or friends with
the same profession, but I could not find him in address
books of Landau, nor in Wiesbaden.

I was aware from the /Verlustlisten/ that Friedrich was
wounded in October 1914. I also have information from
the/Lazarettbuch/ in the /Bundesarchiv/ that he was
discharged five weeks later, declared fit for duty and was
sent to a replacement battallion as a Reservist (/'Abgang
am: 11.11.1914 nach: dienstfähig zum Ersatz-Bataillon'/).
The information from the Lazarettbuch in the Bundesarchiv is
certainly more accurate than the information in the
Verlustlisten. The Verlustlisten were sometimes also
corrected, since the reports for them came directly from the
front and contained errors.

best regards
Ernst-Peter Winter

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