Re: A book in English about the Jewish history of Byelaya Tserkov #general #ukraine

Shimona Kushner

Dear Irene and anyone else who can help.  In the past I asked about the book on the Jewish History of Byelaya Tserkov which I wanted to purchase.  Irene kindly gave me the e mail address of Natella Andryushchenko who seems to be the director of the Jewish school in the city and is responsible for the sale of the book.  She answered me and since then has been promising to send me copies of the book, but never followed through.  Before coming to Israel (where I live) she said she would send me 2 copies of the book from here.  Has anyone succeeded in purchasing/getting this book?  Does anyone know how I can get her to follow up on her promises?  Thank you.  Please respond to my personal e mail:

Shimona Yaroslavsky Kushner
Haifa, Israel

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