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Howard Fink

There are birth records in Tarnów for 6 children of Schaje & Sime Wassermann:
1850: Moses Chiel
1856: Samuel
1858: Salamon Zalman
1861: Isaak
1862: [unnamed girl]
1864: Riwke
There are also death records for 2 of these children:
1862: [unnamed girl], 7 days old
1863: Samuel, 6 years old

Scanned images of all of these records are available.

Unfortunately, the birth records at that time do not include the names of the grandparents.

I did not find any civil marriage record for Schaje & Sime, so that source of Schaje's parents' names does not appear to exist.

Similar to your grandfather, it seems that the entire family moved away later because I did not find any of records of their deaths in later years.
There was another couple, Schaje & Nuche Wassermen, who had some children during similar years in Tarnów.

The only other trace of this family that I found in our database of Jewish records from Poland was the 1906 marriage of Rywka, born in 1864, daughter of Schaje & Sime, to Alter Fránkel, in the town of Jodlowa.

Please contact me privately at genKnowHow@... if you would like more details about these records.
Howard Fink
Tarnów Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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