Re: 1928 Zemplen Census #hungary


melody gross wrote:

If anyone has access to the 1928 Census for Zemplen, could you please check
if any people >from Stropkov appear? Do I understand correctly that this
census is a landowner's census, for tax purposes? So that means that any
other Jews in the town would be renting?
Do you actually mean the 1828 census? If so, it is a tax census. I have
used the ones for Ung and Nitra with some success. If your ancestor had
taxable property - including servants, animals and fuit bearing trees,
he should be listed at least by surname. In the Ung 1828 census, Jews
are listed as "Jud" and the surname. But with that I could place my
family in ancestral towns since my Bergida name is unusual.


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