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Dennis Baer <dbaer@...>

Hello Melody

Thank you for your letter to the HSIG. Now I know what the word appears
before the given names and the surnames in the 1828 Census of Munkacs. Yes I typed Munkacs. Someone will have the 1828 Munkacs census Microfilm soon at the local LDS and possibly will have printed out the entries for Munkacs so people can look up names of their ancestors if they paid taxes on some type of property. It does have the given first name as well as the last name. I have one page of this particular census for Munkacs and the first word looked very similar on each entery. The script does not look very easy to read but now I see they do look like Jud if of course they appeared Jewish.

Thank you.

Dennis Baer

At 07:47 AM 9/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
melody gross wrote:

If anyone has access to the 1928 Census for Zemplen, could you please check if any people >from Stropkov appear? Do I understand correctly that this census is a landowner's census, for tax purposes?
Do you actually mean the 1828 census? If so, it is a tax census. I have
used the ones for Ung and Nitra with some success. If your ancestor had
taxable property - including servants, animals and fuit bearing trees,
he should be listed at least by surname. In the Ung 1828 census, Jews
are listed as "Jud" and the surname. .


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