Records of the Beth Din of Brody 1808-1817 #translation

Carol Jean Weightman

I have submitted to ViewMate translation five more pages from the index of Records of the Beth Din of Brody. The pages are part of a name index at the end of the volume. 
I am looking for records of the Reisfeld, Löw / Lewin (various spellings) and Schmelkes families of Brody and Lwów. I wonder if any of the family names appear in these five pages of the index. If they do, the the next search will be for the records within the Pinkas.
If you are able to read the Hebrew, then please let me know if you find any Reisfeld, Lewin, Schmelkes listings in these five pages.
Below is the link to the manuscript. I received this from the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. This link should provide the clearest copies of the images.
Thank you for your help.
Carol Jean Weightman

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