Re: Caribbean with Ashkenazi Jewish Dna #dna

Bill Rubin

Hello Arinze,
Ms. Ellman is most likely correct that the Jews in Barbados who identified as Sephardic have been gone for a long time. However, Crypto-Jews are likely in Barbados, throughout the Caribbean, as they are in the Americas' Spanish and Portuguese-speaking areas. The ancestors of these people often outwardly converted to Christianity but inwardly and at home maintained some Jewish customs.  Like your grandmother, who did not eat meat that was served, I have an acquaintance from Columbia who has two cutting boards: one for cheese and one for anything else. If the cheese cutting board is used for anything else, particularly meat, she gets extremely upset. When asked, she cannot explain why she gets so upset over this cutting board.  Traditional Jewish household, keep dairy and meat separate and never serve them at the same meal.

-Bill Rubin

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