KOBER family mystery: Who was Auguste Kober? #usa

Martin Fischer

One of the big unsolved mysteries in my genealogy relates to a woman named Auguste Kober, who, at age 34 in 1864, arrived in New York City with a son, age 3, named "Edye," along with my great-grandmother Ernestine Kober and Ernestine's brother Louis Kober. Except for the fact that Auguste and her son are listed on the ship manifest with my great-grandmother, I have never been able to connect Auguste Kober to my family tree.
The only credible documents I have found concerning Auguste Kober are the 1864 NYC Castle Garden ship arrival (and related, confirming Hamburg departure list) and an 1878 New York Hebrew Orphan Asylum application from Auguste Kober requesting that a son, Samuel, age 8 1/2, be admitted to the orphanage. That 1878 application indicated that Auguste also had another son, age 18, who was most likely the "Edye" listed on the ship arrival.
According to those documents, the approximate birth years for them were: Auguste Kober, 1828-1830; Edye Kober, 1861; and, Samuel Kober, 1870. (I have found other records and family trees seemingly with these people listed; however, they have to be discounted as irrelevant due to the birth years mentioned above. Also, the 1878 orphanage application indicated that Auguste Kober was dying of a fatal illness at the time, further discounting the other, later records found.)
FYI, the Kober family that I know I am related to came from Kempen, Posen, Prussia (Kepno, Poland). I have a family history website at martinfischer.webs.com. Any further suggestions?

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