Re: Trying to find student lists from Religious Schools in Berlin #germany


Hello Friedel,

I am new to the Jewish Gen groups, and genealogy in general. I came across your request as I was doing online research for a family history I am writing. My father, Herbert Stein, was in the "Religionsschule der  jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin". He was born in Berlin in 1926, and attended the school between 1932 and 1936. I have a number of his 'report cards'. Unfortunately he seems to have missed your 1930-1931 years of interest. However, can I help you in any other way?

Also, do you have information about the school, pictures, etc., that you can share?

With regards,
Edward Stein
Needham, Massachusetts,

P.S. We lived in Brownsville East-New York for a number of years.

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