Re: Suwalki #poland #russia

Jill Whitehead

The owner of the Landsmen printed publication decided to call it a day about three years ago or so. I understand some of the Suwalki data (not Lomza) has been deposited with Litvak SIG from the information on that website. Unfortunately copyright is vested with the owner of the publication and the owner or her representatives have said that copying of it is not allowed.

Litvak SIG sends out specific Suwalki area data if you pay them 100 $ (covers three year period). And some of the data is on JRI Poland too. Some of us also submitted our own data to Landsmen collected in Suwalki Record office itself (for which we paid) over time.

The SIG only published in printed not digital form, and some of us did voluntary research for it when asked to by the owner. It would help if the info could be digitised but this requires the permission of the owner. Copies of Landsmen can be viewed in specific libraries, which seem to be mainly University libraries in certain cities in the US (I do not know which these are). 

I understand that Litvak SIG is trying to set up a Suwalki Birds of a Feathers group at the moment (not including Lomza), under its new coordinator.

Jill Whitehead, ex UK rep on Landsmen Editorial Board 

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