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Dear everyone.
After overcoming the experienced of our visit in Hungary I feel the
need to share other "hungarians" with my trip. To make it short readable
I'll divide the report.
The main plain was to go 'by the way" through Budapest to Prague, but as
it happens many times proportions change. In the air port in Budapest,
hearing hungarins everywhere was "the voice of the childhood" (my mother
language is hebrew ). i realized that my hungarian vocabulary is good
enough to be understood in the street. people are very kind and patient.

First I decided to look for my grand mother who passed away very young
after illness in 1912 (my father was 2 years old). I had the exact
details on the grave in the cemetery Kozma utca. We went to the
"Israelitak Orszagos Kepviselete" in Sip utza (Sip street) to find my
uncle's grave ( my father's brother) who arrived to Budapest after
liberation and passed away 4 months later >from typhus. With a document
from the hospital (which my father got >from the red cross 47 years ago )
. To my great regret the chevra kadisha in Sip utca were cold,
indifferent and not friendly. Desperately I asked to certify the
location of my g-ma to show that I "belong" but the only suggestion was
to look for in the non - jewish cemetery (one kind enough lady gave the
instructions how to "roll" with tram, bus etc.). We went to the Kozma
Utca Temeto. The grave is located far in the end. We were shocked to see
half of the cemetery getting lost in a "heavy forest, bushes and wild
roses". most gravestones are covered with "creepers" we love trees and
green plants everywhere (specially after coming >from our "yellow summer
in Israel) but not in such condition. Scratched and burned (>from the
nettles) we found the gravestone of my g-ma. It was a great feeling to
be connected with my grand mother, to have something real, something to
"touch" >from the past, to see it, to know that though this young women
did not raised her 4 children she had the virtue(?-zechut) that her
grand children come to say "El male Rachamim" after 85 years.
Seeing the situation of that cemetery I gave up >from looking in the
non-jewish one.
The day later we made a tour in the city. We like Budapest very much. a
beautiful pleasant city.
(tomorrow will send my next report).
Leah Kraus
Haifa, Israel

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