Re: Status of abandoned or divorced wife #usa

David Lewin

At 13:05 19/11/2021, Sam Lorber wrote:
I believe I have found my 74 year old 2xg
grandfather and his 68 year old second wife
living separately with different married
daughters in NYC in the 1900 federal
census. His status is married, while hers is
widowed. I have read several articles on
desertion and divorce within the immigrant
population but nothing mentions the abandoned or
divorced wife claiming to be a widow. Anyone
know was the cultural rules or Halacha would have to say concerning this?

Sam Lorber

Could you be referring to a woman who - in Jewish
orthodox tradition - is NOT told by her husband
three times "I divorce you" even though she has
obtained a divorce decree from a Civil
Court? Such women are known in Hebrew as
Agunot ( singular Aguna ) and if observant,
remain "tied" to their ex-husbands. In
traditional Jewish Law they cannot remarry.

See Agunah - Wikipedia › wiki › Agunah

David Lewin

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