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Dear all,
- continuation -
The day later we traveled to Edeleny, 25 km. north to Mishkoltz, the
village-town where my father grew, since he was 3 years old. My fortune
was that a relative, who also lived there, is with good connection with
the mayor and he noticed that we're coming. They welcome us so nicely
and warmly. We found the old house, the castle, the river and it was so
good to locate the stories we heard in their locations. The The train
station still there with the long long railway lines which no doubt
carried the community to Awshvitz. The cemetery "Israelite Temeto" is
surrounded with fence and the entrance is through locked gate. The young
man, >from the municipality, who took us there told us to be prepared not
to find many grave stones because the gypsies steal those are made of
marble. fortunately my grand grand mother's, after whom i'm called, is
of regular stone and high. it is still clear and readable. now i can
look for her past, knowing she was born in 1848 in Hollohous. There are
no trees here nut heavy and high weed. we could see only 10 grave
stones (>from among 200 graves) those which are close to the entrance.
In the municipality, after asking if I can get information about my
family, I received birth cards of my father's brothers and sisters
(>from his dear step mother) who were born in Edeleny (1914 - 1924). I'll
report later how it works.
I know there will be (iy"h) another visit to get more pieces of
My conclusion was that the best way to get information is to notice the
office that you come, and to stay more than a day in one place. This
area (Borshod, Zemplen in the north) is now making much efforts to
integrate in the 'national park' and the near Ageltek cave, which push
them to be more cooperative with tourists and visitors.
Leah Kraus
Haifa, Israel

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