1848 Tax Census from Munkacs #hungary

Louis Schonfeld <lmagyar@...>

Potentially exciting information awaits confirmation---

Rumors have been circulating to the effect that there exists an 1848 Census
Tax Census of Munkacs. The Mormons had microfilmed it but had not classified
it correctly. Here are some messages >from the information submitted to me
about this "lost census"

"She has confirmed that FHC film number 1529782 contains an 1848 tax census
for Bereg County and that Munkacs
appears on that film. SO called lost censuses now it appears got mislabled

"The FHC in Salt Lake has mislabled some Munkacs Censuses whereas the local
FHC it appers has them
"Film: 1529782
Hungary Taxation
1848 land records
record 5 of 5
page 27 of 176 pages-->Bereg county "

"Here is a sample of information >from that census:

Od Beho Bela varos Munkacsuv
na tri hodini putye Seto(j) (p)ity Kde
Kolik Sto maje(?)i ponesze Fajzy-o
dati mose

otzibi muh ?us ctihneuti vimicri
Kopa? zah n Beyyitaski Szuszitezuvi Szirty
muhbi dosztate hrossa
?fto? 17 nihil

That's the information presented to me so far. In the sample information the
only word I recognize is varos which mean city. The document does appear to
refer Munkacs. The remainder of the information seems to be in Czech, but I
don't have any idea what the other words mean. I am still skeptical that
this data has any genealogical useful data until I actually see names of
Jews who might have lived there during that time. The only 1848 census that
I am aware of is the all Jewish census of 1848 only a fraction of which
currently remain.The Bereg County data was not among the records known to
have survived the dislocations over the years UNTIL NOW - perhaps. I do know
that the Szatmar county 1848 Jewish census was also not listed among those
records that survived the years, but has "mysteriously" shown up recently in
the Nyiregyhaza county archives; and for now that city is the only place
where one can view that data.

I look forward for additional information about this 1848 Census of

Louis Schonfeld

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