Re: Schapsel name equivalents #general

David Ziants

On a Google search, I noticed on a reply to a posting I made more than two decades ago, that I signed off:-

<<< ZENETSKI became ZIANTS and ISHMA became DAVIDSON all from Narewka. >>>

A few years after then, I found out concerning my own family (who lived in London, England, UK) that;-

1) ISHMA  that my grandmother told me was the original family name of her paternal family, was really ISMACH (and my great-grandfather, Alter, changed this to DAVIDSON for himself and possibly for his father). His brother (i.e. my second great uncle), Abraham, changed his family name to OSMAN and married and raised his family in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2) Of course my great-grandmother, Alka (Alice) changed her maiden name to that of her husband. What was not told to me was that Alka's brothers changed the name from ZENETSKY to SCHLOSBERG and I only found this out on receiving a condolence call from a distant cousin after the last of my grandparents left this world.

I am sure I have many other places to correct this statement on my replies and postings from the  earlier days of this forum.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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