Facial Identification in Two Old Photos #latvia #photographs

Gail H. Marcus

I previously posted a photo (reposted here) to try to figure out if the individuals in the photo were related.  I received some very helpful observations (thanks to all who replied!), but in the end, nothing was definitive.  I have since been provided with another old photo that MAY be a later photo of one of the individuals in the first photo.  (I am not certain.)  I was hoping that someone with good facial recognition skills might be able to see if one of the individuals in the later photo resembles anyone in the earlier photo.

The individual I want to try to match is the man on the lower right side of the photo of 5 people.  The question is, do his facial features resemble any of the men in the photo of 3 couples, and if so, which man?  (Note that the photo of the couples was probably taken between 1905 and 1920, and the photo of the 5 people was probably taken in the late 1930s.) 

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Gail Marcus
Bethesda, MD

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