Re: Poland - Can someone please help me solve the mystery? #poland

J.R. Silver

Just to clarify- the 'W' in the Polish name 'GLOWINSKI' is pronounced as an English 'V'. So if you were told by some  relative in the USA that the name was GloBinski , that was probably his /her understanding of what she or he had HEARD.  The 'B' sound s close enough to 'V' for a guessed spelling using 'B'. 
So I don't think we should be looking IN POLAND for a name change from GLOWINSKI involving 'W' to 'B'. The generous level of occurrence of the surname 'GLOWINSKI' in Brzeziny and surrounding towns is sufficient to make that an unlikely complication.  
And Beider's reference , cited by David Price , of the etymology of GLOWINSKI being possibly someone from the town of GLOWNO is apposite, since Glowno is a neighbouring town to Brzeziny and a number of Brzeziny families were of Glowno origin. 

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