Seeking grandparent's data from Belarus & Zabrze, Poland (Austria-Hungary--1900's #austria-czech #belarus #poland #hungary

Jay Hamburger

Hope to discover info from my grandparents, who all immigrated to the USA around the turn of 1900 as teenagers....born around 1885ish.  Belarus: town names which sound like Yampole & names Goldberg and Goldenberg.  From Zabrze, Poland--(Austria-Hungary):  Max Hamburger, 1885-1961. Goldie (nee Bernstein) Hamburger 1885-1926 born Belarus.  I have visited the Jewish cemetery in Zabrze and it is being restored, mostly by Gentile volunteers.  I have photos of some of the tombstones and a link to a group which was performing the restorations in 2012.  Thank you in advance.
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