Re: Help understanding ship manifest #records


Thanks to David for posting the alternate link!  Yes, this annotation in the name column is a reference to New York verification of landing work and points to a local New York office file where they kept a copy of all the requests and replies for verifications.  Sadly, the old New York District files do NOT survive.  But the reference tells us his landing was verified for some reason.  The annotation reads:

V[erification of] L[anding], [New York file number] 98917/671 - 3/20/??  The circled letters at the end should be the verifier's initials but does look unusual.

We cannot tell if this verification was for some benefit (such as naturalization) or enforcement (investigation, deportation, etc.).  Remember, strict instructions directing all natz verifications to be noted in the occupation field only went out in 1926.  Prior to that, we see different styles at different ports--if they annotated at all.  So if this was pre-1926 it could be verification for anything.  One with more information about this passenger, like where he lived in the 'teens or twenties (when it appears the annotation was made), variant names, and more, might be able to make more sense of it.

Marian Smith

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