Re: 1848 Tax Census from Munkacs #hungary


Dear H Sig people,

I have received Louis' help and his opinion about the 1848 taxation, land census records for Hungary, Bereg County, Munkacs-- Film # 1529782. Film # 1529783 and #1529784 have more towns of Bereg country. The records, probably, are not Jewish records.

I am ill equipped to translate the language on the film; even so, it is my
impression that the material filmed was about non-Jewish Hungarians.

I live north of Detroit, Michigan. The film of the 1848 census is on loan at the Mormon Family History Center Library in Bloomfield Hills. It is on loan for 3 more weeks. I would be pleased to share the film with whoever wants. Ask for my drawer at the Center. I would appreciate another person's view of the film.

And I am sorry for anyone's disappointment relating to this matter.

Linda Cohen

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