Re: *Re: Center for Jewish History #hungary


I am an American who is Jewish, and I am a Jew who is an American. I don't
need any one to give me the right to be who I am. No one can take who I am
from me. I am. It doesn't matter what my name is. I am. No matter how I am
hurt, I hurt. It is not right to attempt to separate the parts that make up
the total.
I have the opinion that G-d has given us the right to be as we were born and
as what we are in our minds and hearts. So to further process my idea: If a
person is Hungarian, he is. If he is Jewish, he is. Freedom means not having
to choose between the two, nor put one first. Freedom means not having to
separate ourselves. I think people must start protecting the freedom of all
people to be who and what we want to be. What once was, was bad. Let's move
forward and empower the movement of free choice for all.
I am writing because of Tom's words. I am so sorry for what he has
experienced. I am upset that choices were forced upon him.

Regards to all,
Linda Cohen

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