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Ina Getzoff

To answer your first question you indicate that the possibility of the twins that were
born was either in the uS or Palestine.  Since it was a "twins birth" do you know if both babies died or just one of the two? Also, if it was in the US you would need to at least know in which state these babies were born so you could start with that. I would also start with the person who shared this information with you and ask if they verified it. If they did is there was I call "collateral relatives" who might be able to give you some other information.
As far as your second question, you say that this man was shot by the Czars. There was only one Czar of Russia at a time. Since Russia is a big country the first thing you need to indicate is what year this incident happened and where in Russia. Secondly, knowing what year might help to know who the Czar was and where it happened. Again, it needs to be verified by the person that told you this. There are many family stories and they are not always accurate. I can tell you that Russia was involved in a war with Japan around 1903 and the Jewish soldiers who were in the "Czar's army" would end up serving for 25 years. 
Hope some of this helps to follow through.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Florida

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