Re: Facial Identification in Two Old Photos #latvia #photographs

Eva Lawrence

Gail Marcus writes that the 25% certainty for deciding two photographs
are the same person seems to her to be low, and asks about the
reliability of the comparison software.
I'm replying as a mathematician and former computer programmer, but
without any knowledge of this particular site.
To evaluate the percentage of certainty, she needs to think about the
amount of information she has given to the software in order for it to
make the judgement and what the number is telling her.

To obtain a numerical result, the site needs to use numerical
measurements. The dimensions of the subject's features in each image
determine the the number such software finally comes up with.
Digital photographs lose resolution every time they are digitally
The resolution of the images determines the accuracy of measurements
So maybe the software is numerically honest about the reliability of
its answer given the digital evidence presented.
Comparison software is no more accurate than a human expert can be, just
quicker and more easily available,.
She could try the comparison again making sure she presents images of
the highest possible quality.

After all, the software must have been designed by just such experts.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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