Brick wall finding my Great Aunt's descendents Rose Schwed Roth #usa #hungary

Susan stone

Hello...I have been researching all my families for over 30 years. I am looking for the family of Rose Schwed Roth from Sarkosujlak, Hungary (now Romania), my grandfather's sister.. She lived in The Bronx and I have several photos of her.  She had a daughter named Sharon Lee ROTH and a son who I think was Irving ROTH.  Her husband was Eugene (I'm assuming it was Jeno in the old country).  My grandfather's family stopped speaking to my grandparents..  We did not know them until we met my 94 year old great Aunt Sadie (Rose's sister) .  I interviewed her...she was the one who sent the ticket (2) to  my grandfather to come here from Hungary!!!  She said it was just foolishness why they all stopped talking.  There is a lot more to the story...
BUT...I have since found ALL of this family except one sibling, Rose.  I have found a woman with her name spelled Schweid . But wrong family. Her birthday is Nov. 25  1895.  Think she was married here in the USA.    Can't find her Ellis Island records.  I found census but wrong family...Any help appreciated.  I found Harry, Sadie, Czilli, Sandor (my grandfather) Schwed  but not Rose.  And  I know all their children and grandchildren now, too...via FB and email.  They are all on my TREE.
Thank you,
susan Stone
Evanston, IL

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