Re: Facial Identification in Two Old Photos #latvia #photographs

Jerry Scherer

I do not have any pictures in my collection that compare two males, with and without a beard. My guess is that it will not make a difference. My assumption is that the software compares many facial "landmarks" such as distance between eyes, nose shape and size, jaw structure, face shape (round or oval), etc. Hair would not be a factor into the algorithm. In my mother's case, her hair became thinner as she aged and the software still managed to correctly identify her after 70 years. If you have two or more photos to compare, I'd be happy to test this hypothesis. I created a primitive facial software application about 10 years ago using this principle. As I expected, professional software developers have come up with much better algorithms. You may want to sign up to Scott Genzer presentation at JGS Cleveland, posted by Esther Brill above. Scott presented at our society, JGS Toronto, on Feb 28, 2021. His presentation was excellent.

Jerry Scherer
Toronto, Ontario

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