Re: Looking for dads side #usa

rv Kaplan

Len Weinstein,


I just recently found out my Weinstein side is from Kiev- or so I hope. My grandfather, Sam( Schmuel ) Weinstein and his brother Max ( Mendel ) I’m not sure about other siblings but pretty sure there were at least two others. Their Patents as far as I know were Kuppel Weinstein and Leah Ludmer. I can’t seem to find anything about them other than Max came to America first in about the 1910,s and I think Sam came here in around 1924 but he came thru Providence, Max came thru Ellis Island. 

Have you looked at censuses, births/marriages/deaths? Anyone naturalised? - JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People, My Heritage, Ancestry, Geni?

One problem is that Weinstein can be spelt in different ways,  mis-spelt, changed to Winestone, or even Stone.  It's a challenge!

Good luck,

Harvey Kaplan

Glasgow, Scotland

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