Re: For researching ZIONTZ family - seeking a contact person for the Galil Genealogical Society in Israel #holocaust #israel #poland #russia #belarus

David Ziants

I already can update the forum a little bit of progress that I have made here with regards to researching the ZIONTZ family who is the subject of this thread.

First of all, have already been informed by email that the Galil Genealogical Society in Israel no longer exists.

The name of the man with whom I briefly corresponded with 14 years ago can be exposed and is Samuel (Sam) ZIONTZ - he sadly passed away in 2014 (born 9th June 1926), and I found the death announcement at:-

The names of both Tali's parents appear, in Hebrew, on Tali's memorial at:-

(also can be accessed as:טלי-הדר ) 

On the memorial is also listed the names of her children and two grandsons - so I might try and locating some of these and contacting for more information - hoping that they might be able to help.

This is where I am now stuck.

In addition to his death index, I have found Samuel's marriage index as well as mention on public records. I do not, though find his birth record in New York (I have a subscription to MyHeritage records' search) nor do I find him nor his father, Morris, on 1930 USA census nor 1940 USA census. Samuel explicitly wrote that his "father, Morris Ziontz, came from Communitz Litovsk north of Warsaw Poland in 1923 to New York". (I think he means Kamenetz.Does anyone have some new direction here, that I can try? (I also have tried looking him up on ship manifests of that year period, but could not find.) One can find in census, a few children with name Samuel ZIANTZ (in it's various spellings) with father Morris - but none of these correlate with Samuel born 1926.

Many thanks in advance, if you are able to offer me help or advice.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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