Metric Records from Tarascha, Pyatigorsk, Kohodirv, Zhivotov, Stavyschan, Tetiyev, Kishovat #ukraine #records


Alex Krakovsky has scanned a document that contains birth, marriage, and death records from a number of towns in the Tarashcha district, from the years 1845-1853.
I was wondering if someone could make a simple table of contents for this document, saying which town records for which year begin on which page. That way, if someone wants to look for a surname in a particular town, they will know which pages contain records from that town specifically. 
Click here for a link to this specific metric book. 


Josh Skarf
Researching Shkarovsky (Pogrebishche, Bila Tserkva), Vekselman (Uman, Odessa), Spivak (Tetiev, Bila Tserkva), Barabak (Zhivotov, Pogrebishche), Gerber (Ladyzhinka, Uman)

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