Re: ViewMate: Group of soldiers 1922, 42 regiment #hungary


Frank is correct that the writing is Hungarian so it would be the Hungarian army and it is most likely that the 19 year old is doing his compulsory military service.  

There are, however, unusual aspects about the uniforms of the officers.  In particular, my reading indicates that it was not usual for Hungarian officers to have peaked caps, or epaulettes.  Yet some of the officers have both.  My guess is that the group photo was taken to commemorate the visit of some senior officers from the army of another country.  This may be incorrect, as it is possible that this particular regiment had different uniform traditions to the rest of the army.

There is a Hungarian Museum of Military History.  They may (or may not) be able to provide further information. My recollection is that one needs to correspond with them in Hungarian.  

Tom Beer
Melbourne Australia

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