Re: Another facial identification question #photographs

Bruce Drake

Thank you, Sherri. I've always been bad at using the NYC directories, so I hadn't found Grossman, although I'm not sure that would get me far except in the unlikely event that there's some stash of records that had survived more than 100 years. As to the Zlotnick family...yes, I pretty much have all the information about them you found. I put a lot of it in the history of my Kimmel family that you can find here:

This has all made me rethink that the photo I originally posted is Jacob Zlotnick rather than my great grandfather Itzhak David Kimmel. If I look at the two attached photos side by side, it strikes me both have very similar looking noses, and David had sons much closer in age. Taken together with the fact that every other photo in my late mother's collection is a Kimmel, that seems to me to support this guess.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD 

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