Re: Which shtetl is Wytkor / Witkor / Vitkor Galicia / Austria? # #austria-czech #galicia

Alexander Sharon


Town was known in prewar Poland as Witków Nowy (New Witkow). Nearby Stary (Old) Witkow smaller village was also located. In 1900 town's Jewish population was 1,60 souls (out of general population of 2,102 people). in 1900 Nowy Witków was part of Kamionka Strumiłowa district of Tarnopol Province, and in 1930 it was relocated to Radziechów district in  Lwów Province.

Currently town was renamed as Novyi Vytkiv in Ukrainian, and there are 18 entries for this town are listed in JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder) database.

Alexander Sharon

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