Re: Brick wall broken!!! Thank you.....finding my Great Aunt's descendents Rose Schwed Roth #hungary #usa

Susan stone

Thank you to Susan and Johanna both who have found my long lost great Aunt's family.  I have contacted people in this tree and elsewhere and I'm waiting for a response.  AND...the family tree you showed me had no  mention of our great grandparents and great great, all of whom I  have found or have photos of.  I hope they will be happy!  I hadn't looked at my files for so long I mixed up the father and the son and the daughter with the granddaughter.  CAVEAT.....check back on old records and do not rely on memory.  AND...I found two other Sved brothers.  Why weren't they on my Great Uncle's handwritten list of his siblings????  They were much older but still....Same mother, same town.  The mysteries always continue.  When there are inter-family disconnects collecting our families becomes a challenge. 

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

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