Re: Psychiatric ward O.B. #usa

Jackie Wasserstein

I wanted to know what kind of ward O.B. might be.  Some respondents to my query thought that it might mean. Obstetrics.  I don't think so.  
This is the information I have:
My paternal grandmother died in Manhattan State Hospital in 1952.  She was on a ward called O.B.   She was admitted in 1942 at age 54.  My father's only sibling, his sister, died at age 4 1/2 in 1929 from  pneumonia.  My grandmother suffered from depression because of her beloved daughter's death.
I thought that maybe O.B.  could tell me something about why she was admitted to Manhattan State Hospital.
One can write for records, but the Hospital requires proof of relationship and a doctor's note stating why you need the patient's records.
Thanks to anyone who can help.
Jackie Wasserstein
East Meadow, New York

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