Re: Brick wall - Great-Grandmother from Kamenetz, Podolsk, Russia #poland #russia

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Your  tree has the marriage record of Harry Blinder to Bessie Weissman.

Ancestry has a NJ marriage index record for an Issie Gold to Bessie Weissman in 1913.  I suggest you order the marriage record.  If this is correct, then it is possible Bessie's naturalization record that Bessie arrived as Ida Gold is incorrect, although...It appears she and Issie may have been from the same place as his WWI draft registration gives his place of birth as Kanunity (?), Podolski,  Russia. So maybe they married in Russia and then had a US marriage.... 
The original marriage record may list her parents' names.

Also suggest you obtain Bessie's original marriage record to Harry Blinder to see if it confirms that her maiden name was Weissman and any other pertinent info such as was she listed as a widow or divorced. If her marital status (e.g. widow/divorced) is given, then you can use that to find Issie/Isadore Gold.

Would also suggest you obtain the original birth record for Matilda, again to see if it gives Bessie's maiden name.

Once you have confirmed Bessie's name before her first marriage, look for her on ship's manifests under that surname.  I would suggest you don't input a first name but look for where young females w/ that surname and likely first names were from and where they were going as that may help you find Bessie.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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