Re: Sending money to Poland in 1880s #poland #usa #general

Diane Katz. SURNAMES/TOWNS: Laske/Ladyzhin;,Steinberg Kiev; Grunberg Rheinhorn/Iasi; Milston/Slutzk; Bicz/Mogilev; Glas/Varniai; Moskowitz/Nagy-Saros Klein/Eperjes; Hefliech/Hungary; Marks/Machester/Suwalki; Shedrofski/Suwalki

I  believe the postal service kept records of money orders sent overseas.  I am also trying to track down one of these money orders as it was mentioned in a 1922 newspaper article that my great grandfather received a letter from Russia with stamps worth 10,000 rubles from his brother in law.  The brother in law thanks him for sending him money and reporting that circumstances were terrible back in Russia.  This was in the Bismarck Tribune.  My great grandfather lived in Bismarck, ND.

Does anyone know how best to track down these records?  I joined the National Archives but it's very confusing where to look.
Diane Katz

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