Danzig Mattenbuden yahrzeit list 1825-1877 now searchable on JewishGen #danzig #gdansk #germany #poland

Logan Kleinwaks

A small yahrzeit list from Mattenbuden (Danzig), apparently covering deaths during 1825-1877 (one possibly in 1816), though not comprehensive, is now searchable via JewishGen's Unified SearchGermany Database, and Poland Database. You may find it helpful to restrict your search by Town = Danzig, in addition to whatever surname you are looking for.

Written in Hebrew, the list includes yahrzeit (day and month, no explicit years), given name and title, father's given name and title, and sometimes a surname. The titles often use abbreviations and we do not know with certainty the meaning of all of them. The surnames, where given, have been transliterated from Hebrew taking into account German spellings in other sources. Where surnames are not given, we have included speculative surnames in [], based on comparisons of the yahrzeits, names, and titles with other sources, especially: CAHJP Da/305 (Mattenbuden Memorbuch 1734-1883), CAHJP Da/286 (Mattenbuden Births 1832-1846), FHL 1184410/3 (Altschottland Burials 1720?-1874), and APG 1497 (Danzig Deaths 1852-1879). Before relying on the speculative surnames, please consult other sources yourself. The speculative surnames are NOT included in this source, we have added them as a search aid. The date range 1825-1877 is based on comparison with other sources that include full dates. The introduction to the yahrzeit list mentions the year 5586 (1825/1826) and gabbaim Isaac GOLDSTEIN and Moshe Leib. There are 39 entries (note that the abovementioned Mattenbuden Memorbuch is much more comprehensive, but is not yet online).

This yahrzeit list is file Da/533 at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem (CAHJP), and was acquired by the JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division through the generosity of our donors. All transcription and proofreading was done by volunteers. Thanks especially to Tamar Amit and Yariv Timna for their work on this source.

Several additional Danzig datasets will be posted online very soon. Others require varying amounts of proofreading or transcription and proofreading to complete. If you might like to volunteer to get Danzig records online quicker, please email me. We especially need volunteers who can read old German handwriting (Kurrent).

Logan Kleinwaks
JewishGen Research Director for Danzig/Gdańsk

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