Re: Was Max GORDON (1913-1971) really married? #usa #general

David Gordon

Thanks to all for their thoughts and suggestions, both publicly and privately.  Mr. Daropoulos found a record of Max Gordon's marriage that had eluded me for reasons I cannot explain.  Working with the relevant database, I was able to establish that Max did, in fact, marry Rose Petluck in Chicopee in 1940.  Also, although no divorce (or annulment) record has been found (yet!), it seems that the marriage was not a terribly long one because by 1948, Ms. Petluck had remarried.  Still, it seems Max was good at keeping things quiet because no one in the family appears to have known that he ever married (though what they may have suspected, we'll never know).  

Again, many thanks to the many people who posted and wrote me directly; I truly appreciate the assistance, the time, and the thoughtfulness.

David Gordon

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Evanston, Illinois


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