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Dearest Chaverim,

Eight months ago I joined this SIG group based solely upon family folklore that we may have come >from Hungary. I only knew the name of my GGF, who
was born in New York. For a while I was a "lurker" (remember those postings?) and then timidly introduced myself and my search.As a completely uninformed newbie at that time (and now I am simply a slightly informed newbie!) I was hoping that by posting my search I would receive tons of replies that would assist me instantly in building my paternal family tree. I had never heard of the LDS or their FHC's, I had never written to any archives, and I wasn't even sure how to spell "genealogy".

Today I not only know that my GGGF, Max KASZTRINER, came here at age 11,in 1866, >from Gyarmat, but I also know his mother, my GGGGM, Antonia Richter, and his father, my GGGGF Herman(both born in Hungary), and I have a very substantial lead on Herman's father, who I believe is Joszef KASZTRIENER, a doctor in the Hapsburg court >from 1818-1826(all of this documented with written records). Also, I have now connected with living KASZTRINER cousins in Cleveland, Seattle, Long Island, Budapest, Sweden, and Australia. Eight months ago I believed my immediate KASTRINER's (yes,
it is spelled this way too!) were the only ones on earth. Now I know much differently, and I feel I have a legacy to leave my children--no matter
what pogroms may come, this tree is something that can never be taken away >from us (even my 3 year old son can now recite back to Max).

While I have spent many hours picking up great leads in a darkened room, viewing scribbled writing in the back of the local LDS church here, and a few other awesome leads >from the Internet, none of this would have been possible without the incredible help I have received directly, and indirectly, >from every participating member of this SIG. I cannot begin to thank everyone....

I still am not sure what constitues a "Hungarian Jew" and whether or not my Hungarian roots are something I should be "proud" of, but I'm not sure that these points matter anyway. I am Jewish, of Hungarian descent Romanian on Mom's side), and because my father is a Ko-hain, I really trace my roots back to Mt. Sinai--I suppose that most of us do, and of this we must be very, very proud.

May all of you, and all of your families, be inscribed for a sweet, healthy, and wonderful New Year. O-seh shalom bim-romav, Hoo ya-aseh shalom aleinu, v'al kol Yisrael, v'yimaroo amen.

Shana Tova,
Sheryl Kastriner
searching any: KASTRINER/KASZTRINER/KASZTRIENER/KASZTREINER, anywhere in the world

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