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Peter Absolon

1930 Czechoslovak Census

The second Czechoslovak population census was conducted on 1 December 1930 (the first Czechoslovak census was in 1921). The statistical results of the 1930 Census were published in eight volumes, with a separate volume for housing data. This Census enumerated 136,737 Jews in Slovakia, out of a total Jewish population of 356,830 in all of Czechoslovakia. Slovakia’s Jewish population represented 4.11 percent of the total population of Slovakia.

Last year the 100 years protection period has passed for the 1930 Census. The sheets (originals held by the Slovak National Archive in Bratislava) are now being made free for public. As per Slovakiana website (the site that hosts census images) all the sheets should be published until end of 2021. Unfortunately, up to date only 1/3rd of about 800.000 sheets have been made available - and, having the experience with the Slovak state IT sector, I'm afraid it won't happen very soon.

Nevertheless, for those town that have their census sheets already published, we should be able to start the indexing and publishing work. It won't be an easy task - one can't search the sheets by person's name, only by town name and perhaps the street address or house number. And to be able to search for a town, you need to know its historical name that was used in 1930 (so for example, if someone was born in town with Hungarian name Nádasd, now called Trstené pri Hornáde, you wouldn't be able to find anything by searching that name. You have to use Nádošť, with all accents and punctuations). And if you manage to find the sheets for a town, you have to open image by image, to get to the actual record you're looking for. But - do not repeat the search because you'll get the results sorted randomly, not by any given key. And if you finally find what you need - you can't download the image by one click. You have to find the image URL by inspecting the page HTML source. And the downloaded image is in JP2 format, that not every image software can open :-)

Therefore (after consulting the issue with Vivian Kahn and Eric Bloch) we have decided to set up a new project "1930 Czechoslovak Census". I have volunteered to be the project coordinator, responsible for downloading and distributing the images in batches.

We however need to understand we're talking about more than 3000 towns and 136000+ names. I already commenced to work on that, starting with Kosice (Kassa) and Moldava (Szepsi) districts and now I can offer first 3000+ names transcribed (and in majority also verified). But since this project can't be one-man-show, I'd like to ask the skilled transcribers and validators to join the team. Anyone who is at least little bit familiar with Slovak and Czech personal names and town names is welcomed.

I also prepared the project website, where you can find the actual status of the transcription and verification process:
(the visual interpretations on the map and pie charts under "Status Report" are updated in hourly intervals)

I trust that new component database will go live soon and you all will benefit from it.

Should you have any questions - please ask. I'll try to explain all the details either here or in private conversations.

Peter Absolon
Kosice, Slovakia

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