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Thanks Robert,

In addition to myself I know of only two other booksellers in the United
States who carry an inventory of Yizkor books (at least ten different
titles). In Israel there are also several dealers in Yizkor books. See
Jewishgen for more specific information. Even though I carry a few Polish
Yizkor books, 90% of my inventory consists of Yizkor books for towns and
localities in Greater Hungary. On the web site shown below I noticed about
six Hungarian Yizkor book titles. I am pleased to say that I have copies of
each of these books (excluding Tasnad) and my price in each case is less
that Idealbook's price. This is not a put down of Idealbooks since Aron (the
proprietor) may have paid more for his copy than I did. Now, if I only knew
how to put my sales inventory on a web page!



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Not too much >from Hungary, but it's worth a look for those interested.
There are also other categories to search. The address is:


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