Help with identifying a "Devora" in Lida, Vilnius #lithuania


Hello.  I am hoping for some clues to a woman named variously Dushka, Devora, Gityla Rivka, or Raisa from Lida, Vilnius.  She was born in the mid 1850s and I believed married a Volkovisky who must have died between 1895 and 1898, when as a widower she marries Itsko Rubenstein.  She had two children with him, the latest in 1902, which helps with her age and allows me to eliminate 1840s and earlier “Devoras”  I have good documentation on the Rubenstein part, but am looking for her first marriage.   Those records suggest that her father’s name was Aron, possibly Abram.    

Has anyone come across the following women whose names I have found, but whom I can’t find as married adults.     

GITLYA Zakgeym, b. March 26 to Dvora Lebya and Abram, son of Iosel.  Vilnius.

She appears in the LITVAKSIG birth records and in the 1858 Revision list as Gitlya, aged o.25.


She also seems to appear living with relatives in Voronovo in the 1868 Revision list under the name of Dvorka (daughter of Abram, Itsko).  She is niece (aged 8) to Khaim Zakeim (aged 20) and his sister (possibly not) Rokhia Zakeim (aged 38).  


No trace of Gitla or Dvorka after 1868.


Another possibility is Dvosia Khoderovski, daughter of Zkharia, born c. 1856. Appears in 1874 Revision list only.   


Lynn Dumenil

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