Book about Hella Packter during the war, and her family #holocaust


Dear all,

(I understand that a one time book promotion is allowed, please correct me if I am mistaken)

Douwe de Vries from Friesland, whose family helped Hella Pakter, a distant cousin of my mother, go into hiding during the war, has been researching Hella for several years now, and by extension, also Hella's relatives, including our branch. The book is almost finished.
I copy the promotion text of the author below and, attached you'll be able to find the table of contents, both in English, however, the book itself is in Dutch.
According to the author, it will cost about 20-25 EUR. Please refer to me for more details.
Best wishes!
Gershon Lehrer
The promotional text :
(Please note, the book will currently be published in Dutch):
We have resumed our research in 2018 and it has now expanded to 336 pages, including 103 illustrations. In addition to the life story of Hella Pakter (1924 - 2014), we have also been able to include a large number of shorter life stories of her relatives when discussing the family genealogy. In December, work will be done on the lay out of the text and illustrations of our research. To give you some idea about the content, we have included the table of contents here as an attachment. Thanks in part to the contacts with members of the Pakter family, including Mrs. Naomi Papo - Pakter, Simon and Naptali Pakter and many other relatives and experts, the content has increased in quality. During the many years that we have been engaged in the investigation, we have developed an extraordinary amount of respect for Hella Doman - Pakter. Her spirit and her courage to build a new future on her own has made a deep and lasting impression on us. At a certain point it felt as if, following your mother’s footsteps, we got closely acquainted with the horrors of the war years and the years after. One of the important sources was the interview she gave in 1993.

Gershon S. Lehrer
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Gershon S. Lehrer
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