Re: Jews fleeing Austria in 1939 #austria-czech


With the assistance of  Jewish agencies, both my parents left Vienna in 1939, but not together.  My father (one of the last Jews to finish University of Vienna Medical School in 1937) left for England and Kitcherner Camp in Richborough, UK in August, 1939.  My mother traveled alone to UK, and worked at a domestic in Colwyn Bay, Wales.  They kept in touch and in January, 1940 both sailed for the US on the US Georgic, landing in NY February 11, 1940. 
I've been unsuccessful in obtaining their Austrian exit visas or discovering the details of their travel.  Both my parents were able to carry personal papers and some items with them.  How was this possible?  Alas, these were discussions and questions I should have asked prior to their deaths in 2001.
Michael Diamant

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