Re: Jews fleeing Austria in 1939 #austria-czech

Stephen Katz

Followers of this topic might be interested in a book I'm reading, Good Living Street by an Australian author, Tim Bonyhady. It's about his Jewish ancestors who moved to Vienna in the 1800s from various parts of the Hapsburg Empire and became wealthy. Like other other Viennese Jews, especially those who were well-off, many of his Viennese ancestors converted to Catholicism. The book describes in detail the elegant life of the family in Vienna before the Anschluss, including their associations with Klimt, Hoffman, and other luminaries of the art scene. It then relates the flight of his mother, grandmother, and aunt from Nazi--controlled Austria to Australia in 1938, and the steps they had to take to achieve it. They traveled by train to Switzerland, flew to London, then sailed from Southampton to Australia.
I have no affiliation with the author or publisher.
Stephen Katz
Researching KATZ and TEPPER (Novograd-Volynsk, Ukraine), KAPLAN (Stakliskes, Lithuania), VITKIN (Kaunas, Lithuania), KABACHNIK (Butrimonys, Lithuania).

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