Re: Are those gravestones proof my ancestors were jewish? #germany


Please understand that I am referencing the "converses" of New Mexico, people whom you east coast people know nothing about. I never stated that they were Jewish and had a cross on their grave. These families are practicing Christians, but they know and understand that they are descended from Jews who were forced to convert. They acknowledge their ancestry in very different ways. They light candles on Friday nights. They put six sided flowers on their gravestones, and around their homes. I never said they were practicing Jews now, but they honor the practices of their ancestors. The inquisition followed them here and then onto South America. So judging by that standard, the same could be true for this gentleman's family, except in Germany. Please open your minds to the vast experience of Jewish migration around the world, and the varying customs that they all absorbed. I was born in New York City, and have migrated from there to the midwest, and west coast. You would be amazed at the differences among Jews in all areas of even this country.


Ted Epand
Las Vegas

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