Help with a name, Don't think it's the original #hungary


Hi Everyone,
I need some suggestions for another name that might have become SCOTT. Know
this isn't 100% Hungarian, but you guys are so knowledgable, thought I'd try
to pick your brains.

I have a grandfather born in England 1892, Albert Scott
His brother born in Poland 1888, Jacob Scott
Another brother Charley Scott born Hungary 1887
His Sister born in Hungary, 1886, Anna Scott
His brother born in Constinople 1880, Chavron Scott
Another brother George, born/birth unknown and emigrated to Africa after 1900.

I'm not having any luck in locating any information prior to their arrival in
America as Scott. The parents names were Annie and Carlo Scott. I only
remember at one time Grandpa saying the name was not Scott and mentioning that
they left ? during a sweep of the Jews.
from the births of the children, I believe they were fleeing something and
attempting to get somewhere? America is where they all ended up after 1905,
except brother George.
I tried the online Polish records regarding Jacob, but nothing came up, using
the Surname SCOTT.
Could they have been fleeing Russia ? Through Turkey, Hungary and Poland ?

It was suggested at one time that perhaps it was an English Family sent for
whatever reason to the above countries as an emissary, ambassador, etc. I
think Grampa would have mentioned it. He was very closed mouth about his
father as were the rest of the family. I would not have known his name
(Carlo's), except it was on a postcard >from America to England (1904) asking
about him. They were also extremely poor.
No Luck with records in London England. No birth certificate found for Grandpa

Any suggestions welcome.I do have a photograph of my grandpa in a traditional
dress at about age 5 with the notation "Constinople" written across it.
Although they would have had to be back in Turkey about 1898-1900 for that to
have happened.

Ley K. O'Connor

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